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09:18pm 16/04/2004
mood: excited
i am a HUGE 80's brat pack fan!!! i love st. elmo's fire and the breakfast club. i'm new to this community...and i think it's a great thing!!
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06:07pm 16/04/2004
  this is SWELL.
i LOVE ST ELMO'S FIRE...i don't own the movie but i've got it on my tivo and i watch it all the time.!

kirbo: its not just infatuation, and she's not just a girl. shes only sign of god i can find on this planet with the exception of the mystical force that removes one of my socks from the dryer everytime i do the laundry. fluff and fold buddy, as soon as i make it really big, i'm going fluff and fold. i understand the fold, but whats the fluff?
kevin: the fluff's the stuff i write for the paper.
06:08pm 02/04/2004
  Is this community new? I've looked for St Elmo's Fire communities in the past and haven't seen this one before.  
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